01. Their wedding [ceremony] was held in a beautiful park downtown.
02. The native chiefs wore their beautiful [ceremonial] gowns at the signing of the historic treaty.
03. His funeral was a private [ceremony] attended only by family and a few close friends.
04. We went to the school graduation [ceremony] to see our niece graduate high school.
05. I didn't go to my grad [ceremony] when I finished my degree because I don't really enjoy that sort of thing.
06. The Athletic Awards [ceremony] will take place in the gymnasium at 6:00 tomorrow evening.
07. The wedding [ceremony] was quite simple, but there was a big reception afterwards at the bride's parents' house.
08. Herbert Spencer once suggested that a wedding is a [ceremony] in which rings are put on the finger of the lady, and through the nose of the gentleman.
09. In the marriage [ceremony] of the ancient Incas, the couple was considered officially wed when they took off their sandals, and handed them to each other.
10. At the end of each session of the English Language Program, there is a supper and [ceremony] for all the students, in which you will receive a certificate of achievement.
11. In Burundi, dancing is considered essential to all family and [ceremonial] gatherings.
12. The Queen of England plays only a [ceremonial] role in New Zealand.
13. In the Bronze Age, Stonehenge was used for [ceremonial] burials of local chieftains.
14. In August of 2002, the New York Times informed its readers that the newspaper planned to begin publishing announcements of same-sex commitment [ceremonies] along with its wedding announcements.
15. In Haiti, hymns are played on the radio and voodoo [ceremonies] are broadcast on television along with Christian services.
16. Many Haitians believe that if a person who dies is buried without [ceremony], his spirit will wander and commit evil acts.

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